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Tech support at Techguru247:

The tech support services of Techguru247 help users to troubleshoot errors and resolve various kinds of faults occurring in the functioning of their PC. The tech support services included by Techguru247 are errors in PCs, laptops, mobile phones and other peripheral devices like in improving your network connectivity, issues in fixing up your printer and so on. One of the most important advantages of availing the tech support services of Techguru247 are that we keep in view your needs and requirements as well as your budget. This helps in reducing the cost of your IT infrastructure and managing high costs which very often becomes an issue of concern for business clients and individual users.

Tech support for better Computer Performance:

The service providers of Techguru247 provide comprehensive tech support for all kinds of needs at cost effective rates. We offer you services like optimizing your computer performance level, PC repair, Installing Antivirus, latest versions of Microsoft operating system, computer software support and so on. We also help you by diagnosing the errors occurring in your PC and troubleshooting them through quick help. The technicians of Techguru247 are skilled and competent enough for understanding and at the same time capable of fixing them. Very often, some malicious and harmful viruses enter your PC and start to destroy the data stored in your PC, hamper the speed and performance and cause many kinds of threats affecting your PC. These kinds of errors need immediate resolution. So in such situations online tech support services can be helpful. Tech support technicians monitor the speed and performance of your PC and make it better for use for 24x7x365 days in a year.

Benefits of tech support services:

Remote tech support services help to bridge the gap between owners and clients and tech support service providers offer solutions in an interactive and amicable manner. With the help of these services users can troubleshoot issues of PCs and peripherals. Our tech support providers offer services with complete security and reliability which keeps you away from the fear of your data being stolen or hacked. If you are taking your PC for repair to a local service provider your data may be at risk. But through online tech support services, you can watch whatever operations are performed on your PC because this is done by taking remote access. So, you can avail these services on anytime and anywhere basis as per your need.

The range of services offered by Techguru247 includes:

  • Remote computer support for PCs and peripherals.
  • Remote computer and PC repair services.
  • Remote computer for increasing computer performance.
  • Installation of Antivirus, Microsoft operating system, Web browsers, web Applications, Computer software, Email clients and so on.

Choosing tech support services by Techguru247:

The Microsoft and Cisco certified technicians of Techguru247 ensure complete security and reliability and give your 100% satisfaction which is their primary objective. They are very cautious and particular about keeping your data safe and secure. We implement these services to benefit our users and clients.

24x7x365 online connectivity: Users can have anytime and anywhere tech support services depending on their needs and requirements. We will be available on just making a phone call or through live chat.

Our qualified team of experts: The Microsoft certified technicians of Techguru247 provide tech support by offering solutions like PC repair, Antivirus support, email support, internet support, and operating system support and so on. We offer quick and handy solutions for your innumerable queries. Moreover, our tech support team is very interactive and friendly towards their customers. You can clear your doubts regarding any kind of technical issue and you will be provided with good guidance and help.

Affordable and cheap rates: Good and effective tech support services are provided by us to our users. But the tech support services are designed keeping in view our clients’ pockets. This ensures that you don’t have to worry about spending a huge some in investing for your infrastructure management. However, the support services can also be easily availed by individual users.

PC diagnosis and Repair:
We will help you in diagnosing and detecting the problems or errors which is hampering the performance level of your PC. By diagnosing the error we offer the necessary solutions required to solve that particular issue. Our award winning team of technical experts and troubleshoot your issue with full ease and comfort.

Avail the tech support services of Techguru247 for quick and effective troubleshooting.



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Our Support Services

Set up and Install

Set up and Install
Microsoft Operating System
Antivirus Software
Web Browsers
Web Applications
Microsoft Office


Diagnose &  Repair

Diagnose &  Repair
Comprehensive Diagnosis & Repair operations on your PC, Laptops, Software Applications.


PC Security

PC Security
Install Antivirus
Data Backup Support
Antivirus Support


PC Optimization

PC Optimization
Computer Performance.
Increase the speed of your PC


Computer Accessories Support

Computer Accessories Support
Printers & Cameras


Mobile Phones & MP3 Support

Mobile Phones & MP3 Support


Network Support

Network Support
Dial up Connection
Cable Internet
DSL, Wireless Network


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Tech Support Pricing

Tech Support Pricing

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Online PC Support

Remote computer support is simple. Our Certified Technicians will safely connect to your Computer and diagnose the problem and provide you the right solution. We provide

•    24/7 365 days anytime, anywhere availability.

•    Remote tech support is cost efficient

•    Effective guidance is provided by Tech support team for mending problems related to any computer and Peripheral related issues.

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